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In addition to components, Advanced Semicon offers value-added services that save time and money. Advanced Semicon United and Advanced Semicon's operations group simplify corporate-wide supply chains, and provide services to contract manufacturers. Advanced Semicon Design provides engineering resources that support Advanced Semicon Insight, Advanced Semicon Unique and Advanced Semicon Impact, global specialist semiconductor distributors with independent, focused line cards.

Centralized operations allow Advanced Semicon to implement systems and procedures that reduce time to market cost-effectively and on a global scale. On the design side, Advanced Semicon Design complements the engineering expertise of Advanced Semicon Insight, Advanced Semicon Unique and Advanced Semicon Impact employees. On-staff engineers conduct training forums and perform product research, enabling customers to quickly gain familiarity with new products and technologies. With a worldwide presence and solutions tailored to satisfy different needs, Advanced Semicon provides superior services to meet our clients' changing requirements -- throughout the design cycle, throughout the supply chain.


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